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About Us.

Here is a little history behind how the concept of Taxes On The GO started. A Few years ago I had a friend who was having health issues and was unable to drive and move around due to an injury. So I decided I would go to him instead. I know injuries happen and sometimes people stuggle with transportation so I simply just picked up my laptop and went out to him and prepared his incometax at his home. After leaving that very same day I received another call from a friend asking me if I could prepare his return over the phone, but thats not possible since there are forms that he must sign. He was very upset he had no way of getting to me due to his vehicle breaking down and he really needed his incometax money as soon as possible to repair his vehicle, so ofcourse I just told him to sit tight and I was on my way to him. I prepared his incometax and got it ready to go! and thats when it all clicked!!! I knew I was not going to win everyone out there and try to conquer the incometax world but I knew there are many people out there having the same similar struggles. The concept of a mobile tax service grew and went from just a few people to over a hundred people in just a few months. Our goal in the next years to come is to have 20+ mobile tax prepares to be able to serve the community all over houston who have similar situations.  

President and Instructor

Sylvia Davila-Paiz

20+ years tax professional and owner of Taxes on the GO!!

Hi, my name is Sylvia Davila-Paiz. I am the president of Taxes on the GO!!. I have over 20+ years of tax experience For years I have been giving personal assistance in taxes. I have prepared thousands and thousands of incometax returns.


Office: 713-357-7774

Cell: 713-885-5883

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